Working in Partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute

Working in Partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute

Flaxmans has been working in partnership and collaborating with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) on a series of webinars since September last year. These webinars have presented a series of topics and issues facing the insurance industry today. We believe that by opening up discussions on these topics we can inform, educate and empower change.

The Financial Services compensation Scheme

22 nd September 2021

Many brokers rarely allocate much time to investigating the rating of insurers in the belief that, if the worst should happen, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will step in to rescue their clients.

The webinar addressed the extent of protection to be found through the FSCS so that anyone within the insurance industry will be able to provide accurate advice and not find themselves offering false assurances.

Click here to download the Flaxmans/CII Factsheet

Non-Disclosure, Avoidance and the House on the Hill – is it time for a revision to the law in relation to nondisclosure?

3 rd November 2021

This was a lively and thought-provoking webinar which proved popular with participants. This important discussion on non-disclosure with real life examples demonstrated the need for urgent attention and review. It became the catalyst for both parties to recognise the need for long overdue industry change.

The FOS when to complain and how – when does a gripe or grumble become a complaint?

15 th December 2021

This was the third in our series of webinars in partnership with the CII, the topic was when to complain and how? This is a question for a regulated business to resolve because it is subject to the DISP rules that state effective and transparent procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints which must be established, implemented and maintained.

Click here to download the Flaxmans/CII Factsheet

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Non-Disclosure, avoidance and the forgotten claim – are all misrepresentations the same?

26 th January 2022

This webinar was a follow up to our November webinar on the matter of Non-Disclosure, a record breaking number of over 1000 participants saw the further need for industry change and developed the theme that reform within the industry is long overdue on this matter.

We fully recognise that Insurance practice will not change just because we say so – so there needs to be a full and informed debate, our campaign with the CII is to Challenge the Industry to make that change.

Back in 1996 the Ombudsman could see this and reported on that unfairness The CII and Flaxmans have agreed to pick up that gauntlet, challenge the industry and drive through long overdue change.

Read more about our campaign ‘Throwing Down the Gauntlet’ here.