Why Use Flaxmans

Care and personal attention

We recognise that a dispute with an insurer is stressful, if not frightening.

We go the extra mile with our clients and give a personal service throughout the whole journey to resolution of their claim.

Early Evaluation

An early evaluation of your prospects of success and the pathway to achieving it will save you time money and stress.


Flaxmans are a team of insurance advocates, each with some 30/40 years of experience as practitioners and now specialising in Insurance Claim Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Experts to the Courts

Flaxmans act as expert witnesses to the judiciary and courts on matters of insurance and broker practice.

Reputation and Successes

Flaxmans is highly regarded throughout the industry and our service and expertise is reflected in the considerable success rate (85%) for our clients.


As professionals we charge fees for our services; some of which are recovered through the successful claims outcome.

Prior to embarking on a case we always ensure our clients are aware of the fees involved and the prospects of success and costs benefit ratio.


Our skills include insurance law and practice, insurance claims advocacy, claim negotiation, litigation support, mediation and management of distressed business risk and loss adjusting mediation and settlement.

Access to Experts

From time to time our client needs the services of other professional advisers to support the evidence for their claim. We have an extensive panel of experts in law, accountancy, property, buildings, and construction, loss adjusting/assessing and access to many other skills that are needed from time to time.