Our Expertise

We recognise that finding the right expert can be crucial to the success of the claimant’s case.

If it is an insurance matter start with us:

  • We have access to an extensive range experts in insurance through our daily interaction with the industry
  • We are full time insurance advocates with expert witness and litigation support experience
  • We work at the heart of the insurance industry, and are in practice every day
  • We are experienced in the writing of statements and reports for use in litigation

Our own experts have a proven track record, but we don’t profess to be experts in everything insurance; indeed no-one can make that claim. However, we do know the insurance industry and its markets exceptionally well, and if one of our team is not the right expert for the case then we have at our fingertips an extensive network of insurance contacts from which we can help you find the right one.


We recognise that being an expert in insurance does not necessarily make a suitable insurance expert to the courts. We take the trouble to ensure all our experts are trained in written and verbal reporting and are fully aware of the role and responsibility to the court.

Early Expert Evaluation Service

The insurance industry has significantly hardened its attitude towards paying claims since the pandemic, following hard on the consequences of the Grenfell fire and the unusually frequent floods and fires associated with climate change.

The recent court judgements handed down in Stonegate Pub Ltd v Amlin Liberty and Zurich;

Greggs v Zurich; and Various Eateries v Allianz have also graphically illustrated the hidden complexity of the ordinary policy wordings sold by the intensely competitive insurance market.

We have introduced an  Early Expert Evaluation service to our range of insurance dispute services. It is particularly aimed at solicitors who are not specialists in insurance law and practice and who have clients in need of urgent advice on the prospects of success in their intended claim.

We have over twenty years’ experience in insurance dispute resolution and as experts to the courts adding real value to your client offering.

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