What Next

Flaxmans Triage

Very often the answer to a disputed claim lies in the “insurance practice” box rather than the “legal” box. The policy wording is just a small part of the overall contract of insurance. It does not contain all the answers.

We always triage a case before approaching the insurer. We get the full story and picture before making any representations on the rights or wrongs of the matter.

Initial Case Consultation

We will initially have a conversation with you to obtain the salient facts. If we believe your case is worth pursuing, we will then offer you the opportunity for Flaxmans to Provide a Preliminary Report and Strategy for going forward.

Preliminary Report & Strategy

This is a more detailed review and document that is designed to investigate and confirm our initial impression. These reports vary in price depending on the complexity of the case ranging from £1000 plus vat to £5000 plus vat

The report produces a clear and concise summary of the case, a manageable pathway, along with expectations of success, and with an estimate of time frame and the benefits of cost/reward. The report will provide you with a series of options for going forward including, if necessary, our unique Early Expert Evaluation.

Early Expert Evaluation

The prospects of succeeding in a disputed insurance claim are significantly enhanced with an Early Expert Evaluation of the merits of your case.


As recognised experts to the courts, we know how they will typically judge a claim and claimant. What would ‘an insurance expert’ be duty-bound to say to the court? That is the key to the door for resolution.

Expert evidence will often tip the balance – and because of that we rarely have to litigate.

The Financial Ombudsman

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is a government-inspired dispute resolution service financed by levies to the insurance industry.

It’s a free service available to consumers and micro –businesses only.
However, it has limitations that should be taken into account before embarking upon that route.

Whilst submitting FOS referrals directly is free, for a one off fee we have a unique FOS referral scheme that provides you with an independent triage of your case coupled with a professional approach to the FOS submission see our website www.fos-sos.co.uk