What Next

Initial Case Review

Our initial screening of your case is free of charge.

If there is a prospect of success in your claim we carry out a complete triage.


This is a more detailed review and investigation that is designed to confirm our initial impression and it produces a pathway, manages expectations and gives an estimate of time frame and the benefits of cost/reward.

We always triage a case before approaching the insurer. We get the full story and picture before making any representations on the rights or wrongs of the matter.

Planning for Costs

Our track record is impressive over 85% success rate. We resolve the majority of our clients’ disputes without recourse to law.

However, dispute resolution costs money and if it is necessary to go that step closer to a court of law for a remedy, then the costs can be prohibitive to most private individuals and businesses alike – so they give up. That’s where our unique Crusader scheme can help (full details on application).

The Financial Ombudsman

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is a government-inspired dispute resolution service financed by levies to the insurance industry.

It’s a free service available to consumers and micro –businesses only.
However, it has limitations that should be taken into account before embarking upon that route.

Whilst submitting FOS referrals directly is free, for a one off fee we have a unique FOS referral scheme that provides you with an independent triage of your case coupled with a professional approach to the FOS submission see our website www.fos-sos.co.uk