The Insurance Complaints Procedure

The Insurance Complaints Procedure

Is the Complaint Process impartial – or is it a case of Marking your own Homework?

It was once accepted wisdom that the British were too polite to complain when things go wrong.  In some ways that is still true, but not when it comes to financial services.  The current regime had its beginnings in 1981 when the insurance fraternity was the first industry to introduce its own ombudsman scheme.

An arrangement that started out as a facility for policyholders to use rarely when common sense failed has now become commonplace.   Flaxmans believes the time has come for a fresh review of the complaints process.  As an introduction to this theme, join Roger Flaxman and Michael Wilson on the first of a brand-new series of webinars delivered exclusively for CII members.   They will explain the complaints process, highlight the problems that arise and gently suggest where there might be room for improvement.

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Our Early Expert Evaluation service is proving a real asset to clients and brokers alike especially as more and more Brokers are finding it increasingly difficult to overturn decisions made by insurers, despite their seemingly good relationships with the Insurers.

We feel that the hardened attitude of many Insurers to paying claims, preferring to be legally challenged than recognising well proven insurance practice can only be challenged in this way and puts clients back on a level playing field.

Here to help

It’s often a David and Goliath scenario facing many clients – our Expert Evaluation Service provides the weight for David’s sling. So if you have clients struggling to be heard, if you have cases with seemingly nowhere else to go short of costly litigations then think again and call Flaxmans today.

Expert evidence will often tip the balance – and because of that we rarely have to litigate.

At the first sign of trouble phone Flaxmans for a chat.  We’re always ready to talk things through