The Infinity Reliance Judgment – A Body Blow to Brokers?

The Infinity Reliance Judgment – A Body Blow to Brokers?

Flaxmans webinars continue to attract big numbers of participants with just under 1000 signing up to hear last weeks eagerly anticipated presentation.

Although the judgment was all about serious underinsurance in a Business Interruption claim, the webinar contained a sobering message for anyone involved in advising a business about any of its insurance needs.  The key message is that the Courts are expecting of insurance advisers an increasingly demanding level of attention to detail.

A broker must be ready to provide evidence of its advice, in some recorded form, in the event an aggrieved client alleges negligent advice.  The Infinity Reliance judgment takes this principle to a higher level which is why we refer to it as being a body blow for brokers.

As usual, the webinar is accompanied by the Flaxmans CII factsheet.  In addition, there is a comprehensive review and commentary available for readers wanting to delve into the detail of the case.


For the more comprehensive Flaxmans commentary on the Infinity Reliance judgment please write to

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