The Hazard of Renewal

The Hazard of Renewal

What could be easier than the renewal of an existing insurance policy?  Whether you are an insurer or a broker, all the hard work is put in at inception.  If the insurance needs have been fully assessed when dealing with new business, all you need to do at renewal is make sure the rating is right and, for the broker, you just need to check the price is still competitive.  Job done. Easy.

But that’s the problem.  The apparent ease of renewal can turn out to be deceptive.  (You could always squeeze an elephant trap in here if you want!).

  • Should there, in fact, be much difference between new business and renewal processes?
  • Is there a danger of familiarity at renewal time?
  • How do you make sure the Insured is engaged in the renewal process?

In association with the CII, Flaxmans will address the seemingly simple process of renewal at its forthcoming webinar on [date].  Prepare to have your preconceptions disturbed!

Watch the whole video below and you can access the factsheet by clicking the link below.