Neighbours from Hell – The Latest Flaxmans YouTube Video

Neighbours from Hell – The Latest Flaxmans YouTube Video

We sometimes read in the papers about neighbours who perpetuate boundary disputes for years.  Was the fence in the right position?  What about my cultivated borders? You didn’t even ask permission if you could fell that tree and it was mine anyway!  If anyone was going to remove it, it should have been me!

There was one recent case involving solicitors and the losing neighbour was left with a legal bill for over £200,000!

Watch our latest You Tube video with details of how to deal with the neighbourly disputes and download a copy of the handy guide for you and your clients.

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Announcing the final Flaxmans webinar in partnership with the CII in this current series

Wednesday 11.00 17th July

Claims and Under Insurance

An Average Outcome!!

Underinsurance is probably the most frequently encountered problem in general insurance claims.  It crops up in property claims as well as Business Interruption and often leads to very disappointing outcomes.
Inevitably, the insurance industry is blamed for this – but is such criticism always called for?  What responsibility should be borne by the policyholder?
This webinar looks at the basics of underinsurance and examines:

  • How to make the right start – assessing the value at risk
  • Keeping the cover on track – the use of indexation and occasional revaluations
  • What is the Pro Rata Condition of Average
  • When does Average apply – and when doesn’t it

This is the last in this current series of Webinars from Roger Flaxman and Michael Wilson of Flaxmans and who will once again share their knowledge and experience and introduce you to some of the complexities, as well as solutions, to this tricky area of claims settlements. There being nothing average about what they have to say!

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Continuing broker claims support with BIBA 

We are delighted to confirm a renewed and fresh arrangement to our long-standing support for BIBA members with our claims dispute advocacy

Our experience as both advocates for clients, and separately as experts to the courts for more than twenty years, has enabled us to collate a vast amount of invaluable knowledge and information about what is reasonably expected of a broker and an underwriter or insurer.

Our leading consultants are themselves former brokers and at Flaxmans we vigorously support the broking sector in proving its value to the customers it serves.

Commenting on the new agreement Anthony Dallison, Managing Director of Flaxmans says: “We are delighted to continue our very special arrangement with BIBA and look forward to continuing to provide vital assistance to BIBA broker members.”

Mike Hallam, BIBA Head of Technical Services concludes: “We are pleased to secure a revised agreement with Flaxmans. This will ensure that both us and our members will continue to benefit from the expert industry insight, advice and guidance that Flaxmans provide.”
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