Flaxmans Flood Special

Flaxmans Flood Special

All of us up and down the country could not fail to have been moved by the pictures and stories of people and businesses affected by the recent floods especially in South Yorkshire. Particularly badly hit was the village of Fishlake and, even now, there are still over 46 flood warnings in place across the region and the river Don.

As the clean-up operation continues, the press has been widely publicising that many affected homeowners are now discovering that their insurance does not cover them for flood damage.   Boris Johnson has gone on record saying that “insurance companies must not be allowed to weasel out of their responsibility”.

“Sunk by the small print: Flood victims are shocked to discover their insurance is worthless… despite their insurers KNOWING they were at risk all along.”
Daily Mail 21 November 2019

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So why is the insurance industry leaving homeowners ignorant to gaps in their cover?

Last week the daily mail published an article on flood victims discovering that their insurance was “worthless” when they came to make a claim, despite insurers being aware, when they issued the policies, that the houses were in flood risk areas. Roger Flaxman was asked to contribute towards the article, offering advice and expertise to the flood victims.

“…it is ‘morally indefensible’ for insurers to offer policies to homeowners living in flood-risk areas that exclude flood cover. Fundamentally, it is misleading to offer insurance which most people would assume to be comprehensive, but actually excludes one of the risks to which they are most vulnerable.’

Adding that insurers will always know whether their client lives in a flood-risk zone and that they have ‘a duty’ to bring this to their attention.

Flaxmans Focuses on Floods

This week we are publishing our booklet on floods aimed at consumers and SME’s. As a broker, simply download your copy from the Flaxmans Broker Support Portal to access this and many other documents to help you in your professional practice.

What does the future hold for your clients affected by such events?

Flaxmans are making enquiries in South Yorkshire to hold an “open clinic for victims that have had their insurance claims rejected. To date this has not been confirmed; however, if you would like to seek advice on behalf of your clients in the area then please do get in touch with our man in the North, Mike Wilson, based in Macclesfield via our Manchester Regional Office on 0161 439 0009 or direct on his mobile 07973 303 570 alternatively call the broker support number on 0203 972 6440 and leave a message mobile 07973 303 570.