Flaxmans Guide to the 5 Biggest Mistake People Make when Making an Insurance Claim

Flaxmans Guide to the 5 Biggest Mistake People Make when Making an Insurance Claim

More Haste, Less Speed

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary the above phrase means if you try and do things quickly it will take you longer in the end. So, in essence if you do not do your due diligence or pay attention to detail when making an insurance claim you could end up making mistakes that were avoidable and, in the end, spend more time completing the task to a satisfactory level.

This phrase could be used for most tasks that we undertake today as we are used to cramming so much into our time, we very rarely give ourselves the breathing space to ensure we pay attention to detail.

If you have found yourself in a position where you need to make an insurance claim or make a complaint against your insurer for a rejected or disputed claim, due diligence and paying attention to detail is vital. The last place you want to be caught out for not spending the necessary time on the detail is when making insurance claims or a complaint.

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Below are the top five mistakes people make when making insurance claims.

Number 1:


How truthful would you say you were on a scale from 1-10 when making an insurance claim?  Do you think a little exaggeration might help your cause and secure a larger pay-out? If so, you wouldn’t be alone, but take it from us, exaggerating the facts could invalidate your claim altogether leaving you with nothing at all to compensate your loss.

So, when you pick up the phone to your insurance company, vow to yourself to tell the truth without any exaggeration. You are far more likely to get a satisfactory outcome.


Number 2:

Don’t Accept “No” too Easily

If your insurance company does reject your insurance claim don’t just accept it, ask them why and then do your own research.  If you are still stuck, consider making a complaint.  You might make the mistake of thinking the insurance company must be right, because they know more about insurance than you do.  But that isn’t always the case.


Number 3:

Making a Complaint

Do you know how to make a complaint to your insurance company? It isn’t always easy, especially if your insurance company tries to blind you with technical jargon. If you are struggling then get in touch with us here at Flaxmans, we will quickly be able to tell you if your case is worth fighting.

In some cases, we will recommend putting in a formal complaint to your insurance company and one of our knowledgeable consultants will explain the procedure to you. If the insurance company rejects your complaint but you are convinced, they are wrong, you can refer the complaint to the financial ombudsman. It is a free service but it can be very slow at times. However, one of our consultants would be happy to explain the best way of pressing your claim.


Number 4:

No one is going to be interested in your Story.

It might be difficult to hear but it is unlikely that the papers will pick up on your rejected insurance claim story unless it is part of a bigger news story such as the floods in Yorkshire. If you want to fight the insurers decision then a better use of your time and energy is to focus on the roots of complaint outlined above.

Also, don’t threaten your insurance company that you are going to complain through the media.  It is much better to explain your case to the company and simply get help if you need it.


Number 5:

Don’t Threaten Legal Action

Legal action should be the last port of call, it is expensive and not always effective. These processes can take time but the best bet is to be guided by experts and use the services that are there to help you find a satisfactory resolution.


More Haste, Less Speed

Reading through the points above will definitely help you in making your claim to your insurance company, also read your policy closely before picking up the phone. This way you will be fully informed about what you are covered for. When something has gone wrong, like you have had a car accident, or a water pipe has burst in your house it is likely that you will be in an emotionally heightened state. Try and remember that knowledge is power, take a moment to organise your thoughts before picking up the phone. However, do not delay in placing the claim as too much of a delay could invalidate your claim.

If you would like any advice on a rejected or disputed insurance claim to not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Flaxmans.