Corbyn & King and the FCA Covid Test Case

Corbyn & King and the FCA Covid Test Case

Has an unintended precedent been set?

If choosing an insurance policy was as easy and inexpensive as a ‘blind tasting of gin’ would the public be more discerning about their insurance purchases?

In the wake of the court’s decision in Corbyn & King v Axa our latest Bulletin examines the unintended consequences of the test cases on BI Covid Disease and Denial of Access Clauses.

The courts have identified the infinite variety of nuanced words, expressions phrases and definitions in modern insurance policies and exposed a vulnerability that is the elephant in the insurance industry’s living room.

The comparison between a drink with an ‘essence of gin’ and a contract with ‘an essence of insurance’ makes a poignant  statement of the dilemma that the insuring public face in buying an insurance policy containing words, expressions phrases and definitions that no longer mean what we thought they meant.