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Anything to do with the home, possessions or family is by definition a personal matter and an insurance claim that is depriving the family of something it relies upon or holds dear to its heart only adds to the distress of losing it.

Fire, flood, water damage, burglary, subsidence are just some of the more common events that beset a household; not to omit illness, travel events, pets and vets, motor accidents and, increasingly fraud, deception, impersonation and hacking of bank accounts and other sensitive personal information.

Flaxmans recognise that these events are traumatic enough and that if the insurance company causes you to have to wrestle with it to get a claim settled, the trauma can be devastating.

We can take the strain and pain out of dealing with insurers because we know how to do it. We understand what matters to them, what causes them to be pernickety and suspicious and what are the trigger points and actions that get a result.

  • We listen to your story
  • We read and easily comprehend the written jargon you have received from insurers, loss adjusters or lawyers
  • We act quickly and expertly to prevent the matter from getting worse and preparing to make it much better.

We care about our clients and about your reputation.

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DON’T FORGET – Even if your claim was rejected more than six years ago we may still be able to help. If you are unsure please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Unique no win, no fee scheme available*

* subject to qualifying status

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