Claims Made Policies – Part 3

Claims Made Policies – Part 3

All about ‘Circumstances’

Possibly, the most vexing question in the entire scope of liability insurance is what is the definition of a notifiable ‘Circumstance’?

“Great webinar as usual with the guys from Flaxmans.”

“The whole series has been very thorough and interesting.”

“Great practical webinar, clearly laid out and good examples.”

“This was amazing. Really enjoyed every one.”

“Great session great topic, great presenters.”

Well, our three-part CII webinar series on Claims Made Policies has clearly gone down a storm!  Our last in the series had left over 30 minutes just for questions and answers and we could still only deal with a fraction on the day.

So, have we solved all the problems with Claims Made policies?  Certainly not!

Have we achieved an increased awareness of the problems associated with such policies?  We hope so.

The two presenters, Roger Flaxman and Michael Wilson, have been around for long enough to have learnt that when we don’t know the answer to a problem, we admit it and then go and find out; and sometimes obtain expert advice.

At Flaxmans  we don’t always profess to know ‘all the answers.  In fact sometimes there isn’t a definite answer to a question or a problem but our approach is to think it through using our team’s combined experience and work out an answer or a plan that moves the problem in the right direction, safely.

As always you are very welcome to get in touch to talk things through.  Together, we can work out a solution where one is required.

Watch the whole video below and you can access the factsheet by clicking the link below.