Claims Made Policies – Part 2

Claims Made Policies – Part 2

Notification of ‘claims’ and ‘circumstances’

This is the second of three exciting and in-depth looks at the vexing subject of Claims Made policies.  Whilst insurers want to know of a potential claim (circumstance) at the earliest possible moment in time the typical Insured is reluctant even to admit they have a problem, let alone tell anyone.  Therein lies the principal ‘elephant trap’ for the Insured; and very often too, the well intentioned broker.

This, the second webinar, took a close look at the definition of ‘circumstances which may give rise to a claim’; how to recognise them and what to do.  We looked at the mistakes often made by the Insured in trying to fend off claims themselves and how the broker should be available to assist the insured without putting themselves at risk.

As has become customary, CII members had signed up in huge numbers to brush up on what can prove to be a complicated and, at times, perplexing subject.  To quote from just five of the hundreds  we get

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