Major Proposition to UK Insurers and the Government Has an insurance claim been disputed or unfairly rejected by your insurers? Flaxmans can help Specialists in Insurance Claims Mediation and Resolution We are renowned as the UK’s #1 Insurance Dispute Resolution and Mediation specialists Speak to us today Specialists in Insurance Claims Mediation and Resolution We are not lawyers
We are not loss assessors or loss adjusters
We are insurance industry experts to the courts.
We have a panel of lawyers and loss adjusters upon whom we can call if the need arises. Specialists in Insurance Claims Mediation and Resolution
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Insurance Companies can sometimes make the wrong decisions. They may reject a genuine insurance claim or offer less than your claim is worth.

Both consumer and business policyholders too often accept the insurer’s decision from fear of challenging experienced insurance officials and fear of the time and cost involved. You no longer have to.

We know how to do it and we have enviable successes for our clients.

Our qualified and seasoned insurance professionals, Flaxmans’ Advocates, can help you recover back what is rightfully yours.

Whether a consumer, a business or any other entity: we’re on your side

Typically, insurer rejections include:

  • incorrect information, non-disclosure of material facts
  • being underinsured
  • “exaggerating” your claim
  • breach of a policy condition
  • “not covered” without explanation of why
  • a “Reservation of Rights”

Our experienced team of insurance professionals will guide and help you achieve the best possible outcome; whatever the reason.

Flaxmans, are the recognised #1 insurance dispute advocates in the UK.

Policyholder Claims Advocates
Insurance dispute resolution and mediation experts

As long as your claim has been in the last 6 years we’ll review your case for free and handle your disputed claim from initial consultation all the way to court if necessary. Although, for over 85% of our cases we resolve it without the need for any litigation.

Straight to the Heart of the Matter

We know how insurance works in practice. We know the markets, the personalities the processes and the cultures within the industry.

Very often the answer to a disputed claim lies in the “insurance practice” box rather than the “legal” box. The policy wording is just a small part of the overall contract of insurance. It does not contain all the answers.

As experts to the courts we know how they will typically judge a claim and claimant. What would ‘an insurance expert’ be duty-bound to say to the court? That is the key to the door for resolution. Expert evidence will often tip the balance – and because of that we rarely have to litigate.

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