When You Need Us

Clients are usually referred to us with a problem they believe we can solve. Here are some of the reasons for talking to us:

  1. Your insurers have turned down a claim you have made under your policy. You don’t know what to do about it.
  2. Your claim is the subject of a dispute with insurers and you need to know what to do.
  3. Insurers are dragging their feet with your claim and you need advice as to your options.
  4. You need to tell your commercial insurers about a claim or potential claim. You are unsure what to tell them or how much information they need.
  5. You have a problem with a client/customer/supplier. Is this something I should tell my insurers about? 
  6. You suspect that a client/customer/ supplier is lining up to bring a claim against you and you want to know if you should report/notify this to your insurers. What should you tell them and how do you provide the details?
  7. Your insurers are refusing to renew your insurance because of a previous loss or claim.
  8. You are just not getting anywhere with an insurance claim. Negotiations are frustrating, slow and you don't know who is working for you or against you. 
  9. Your company has had several claims or losses and you want to improve your company’s risk profile and its approach to risk awareness/management. Where do you start? 
  10. You are not sure you understand the advice you are being given and would like a second opinion.  
  11. You need an expert on insurance markets, broking and underwriting practices, coverage and claims to provide evidence to the court.

Flaxman's knowledge of the insurance market and ther ability to create solutions on cover and resolve problems on claims allows them to deal with a huge range of issues.

Eric Galbraith, BIBA

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