What We Do

Flaxmans are insurance advocates.

We offer the following range of services:

Insurance Claims Advocacy

  • We negotiate and settle business insurance claims. Using our 7-step approach to settling an insurance claim dispute, we assess your situation before advising you of your options and assisting with your settlement.
  • We help you decide a course of action, assess the cost benefit and take your instructions to assist you in our professional capacity.
  • With combined expertise in insurance practice and law, we can assist with every aspect on your behalf, liaising with the solicitors, legal counsel, loss adjusters, loss assessors, brokers and insurers. We work on your behalf.
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Expert Witness

  • We are expert witnesses to the courts in matters of insurance markets and broker practice.
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Special Insurance Coverage Design

  • Businesses or organisations sometimes need a bespoke insurance for a particular need where there is no off-the-shelf insurance product available.
  • We will design and implement a solution and can also source brokers to place the insurance with an appropriate insurer.
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Management of Risk - at Board and Operating Levels

  • Flaxmans has experience in the management of risk based upon our knowledge of real loss and claim events. Prevention is better than cure - as long as the cost of prevention is proportionate.
  • We can advise on programmes and specialist sources of risk management.
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Whatever issue you have with your insurance the first people to call should be Flaxmans.

Malcolm Durham, FD Solutions

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