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In today's economy transferring risk away from the balance sheet is an economic necessity for all prudent businesses.

Emergency capital requirements are rarely available to a business in distress, at short notice.

The delay in obtaining funds to repair, recover and re-plan from unexpected business interruption can bring even a large business to its knees in no time at all; a smaller or SME business can rarely rebound unaided.

Whilst insurance is the acknowledged protection against such unforeseeable disasters, understandably buyers find insurance is a complex, confusing and vexing commodity leading more often than not to the decisions being made on price alone.

This overlooks the tricks and traps of insurance policies that only come to light when you make a claim

Flaxmans can help to create a bespoke insurance package for your business and then applying our expertise within the market place  to negotiate on your behalf with  brokers and insurers.

The effective and reliable purchase of insurance requires professional skills and experience. We separate the advice from the transaction. Our long established method has recently been recommended by the Mactavish/PWC report on insurance and protects not only the business but also its directors.

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As experienced insurance advocates we never sell insurance. We work solely for our client, the policyholder, operating entirely independent of any insurance company, legal company or other intermediary.