Specialist risk management

Unlock the key to more profitability by managing risk awareness

“An awareness of risk is 80% towards avoiding it"

Leading insurance companies may not want to actually reward firms and businesses with premium discounts for managing their risks but it will help in retaining cover at the best terms.

Insurance advocates Flaxmans believe risk awareness, over and above risk management, is the key to retaining insurance at acceptable premiums.

Risk awareness is less about ticking boxes and more about embedding a culture of "awareness of what can do a business harm". It ensures everyone – from senior management to the office junior – understands the nature of risk that can harm them, their clients, their colleagues and their pockets! Loss goes to the bottom line – profits, pay and bonuses.

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The Flaxmans' Managed Awareness for Professionals programme has made a real and lasting difference to our business and we thoroughly recommend it.

Price Bailey Chartered Accountants

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