Advice for professionals and directors

We specialise in insurance advice to directors and professional men and women concerning their personal responsibilities and potential liabilities both within and beyond the boundaries of the company, partnership or LLP.

Personal liability is an increasing threat to professionals and company directors. Whilst there are still strong 'corporate veil' barriers to protect the individual, the personal cost and reputational damage can be substantial and may not be covered by insurance.

We offer boards and individuals, professional and personal liability advice on all aspects of cover

We have been advising individuals, boards, senior managers, executives, governors and trustees for many years about how they should best protect their respective interests.

We don’t sell insurance, but we do understand it and know how to advise people when insurance claims are denied. We offer a second opinion if you’re conducting a review of your existing cover and if you’re looking at settling a claim we provide expert witness and litigation support too.

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