Claims mediation and resolution

Quite simply we specialise in helping to resolve difficult commercial and business insurance claims.

Negotiating commercial or business insurance claim disputes by litigation can be a difficult, stressful and all too often an expensive problem, especially if it ends up reaching the courts.

Insurance litigation should not be your first option. Why?

Litigation is adversarial. Two (or more) parties take positions that become increasingly entrenched as the insurance litigation process goes on.

The parties are not free to conduct their own case all too often relying upon lawyers instead.

They do not get an opportunity to explore a resolution that commercially suits and benefits both sides.

Litigation is time consuming, expensive, and unpredictable in its outcome.

Our skill is to keep you out of litigation and away from a court, wherever possible, using our  7-step process of mediation and resolution and if you have already engaged solicitors then don’t worry we will work with them.

We assist lawyers and their clients in knowing what to look for and where to look to find and assess valuable information that can often be the turning point in a dispute or litigation.

Our experience as insurance practitioners and market negotiators can illuminate a solicitor's appreciation of the causes of errors and omissions and significantly influence the chances for a successful outcome.

As experienced insurance advocates we work solely for our client, the policyholder, operating entirely independent of any insurance company, legal company or other intermediary.

As experienced insurance claims consultants Flaxmans will get to the heart of the matter saving you time, money and stress.

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Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I just wish we had contacted Flaxmans earlier, you saved our business, our reputation, and our sanity!

G M Matherson

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