Media - Flaxmans on the Television - Watchdog

The illogical reasons for increased premiums given to customers by some insurance companies has been brought to the attention of BBC’s Watchdog consumer champion programme by one of the nation’s favourite comedy actors, Sheila Hancock, of The Rag Trade fame and more recently, Barking in Essex.

An avid classic car enthusiast and a devoted member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists Ms. Hancock asked Roger Flaxman to explain why her insurance premium rocketed overnight from £873 to nearly £2,400, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Watchdog, due to be aired on Thursday 3rd December at 8.30 presents four customer case studies of how the industry bemuses customers with extraordinary and unintelligible explanations which, Watchdog suggests, leave the customer to suspect they are “not wanted” or “being ripped off”.

The CUE comes under flack for causing some insurers to make charges to customers that have phoned their insurer for advice and apparently “triggered an algorithm” which records them as making a claim! For which they are charged at renewal.

Flaxman explains that the industry’s flight to technology- delivered, commoditised insurance products has inevitably brought with it unintended consequences. Is it time for the industry to reflect upon the message it sends the customer? Watchdog thinks so.



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