Media - Flaxmans joins up the professions - New Crusader offering set to Revolutionise Insurance and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our White Knight in Shining Armour that some of you will have seen astride his charger on the steps of the BIBA conference last year has earned his spurs. Our Crusader can now offer a fully -fledged dispute resolution service that can take a dispute all the way to the high court at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation.
Flaxmans Crusader has aligned with specialist accountants PKF Littlejohn LLP, law firms Bermans and Moore Blatch LLP to bring to the market the first all encompassing, ground-breaking, dispute resolution service.

The new offering is unique in that not only does it provide dispute resolution in matters of insurance policy coverage but now, also any other kind of commercial dispute that befalls you or your client’s businesses. These include bad debts, contractual disputes and allegations of negligence; indeed almost anything that a typical business may encounter from time to time.
Crusader now removes the cash flow barriers that so often deter and prevent policyholders or claimants from pursuing their claims.  The new process focuses on a quick settlement, and has fixed fees, payable only upon a successful outcome. This contrasts with the traditional legal dispute resolution process that typically requires up front professional fees, disbursements and court fees, takes 18 months or more, is often billed by the hour, and leaves the claimant at risk from large legal bills in the event of failure.

For policy disputes, we will undertake a full review of the case in the usual way (for which there is a small one off charge) and subject to the claim meeting the Crusader threshold requirements. Flaxmans will then engage  on a fully contingent basis and begin negotiating to encourage the defendant to settle quickly in the client’s favour without the need for litigation. The Crusader process envisages up to six months for this “commercial “negotiation. Often sufficient time to resolve most cases without the need for formal litigation.
However if the defendant is unwilling to settle in this timeframe, Crusader’s team will prepare for litigation. This unique, ground-breaking service, encompasses all fees and associated costs being paid on the client’s behalf all the way up to a High Court hearing.

Commercial disputes

Bad debts and general corporate recovery matters are familiar territory to most businesses, especially small and SME businesses who do not have the resources to fight back, Now with Flaxmans’ Crusader they do.
Following a preliminary review at no cost and once accepted, the Flaxmans Crusader team in conjunction with PKF Littlejohn’s corporate recovery professionals, will immediately begin negotiations to present a “commercial settlement”, typically within, a three-month window. PKF Litteljohns have a first-class track record of rapidly recovering assets on behalf of claimants. They also understand insurance, where that is an issue in the recovery or claim.

The Flaxmans Crusader team will utilise the PKF Littlejohn commercial dispute process known as ‘Escalate’, which targets a successful resolution within in three months, and if unable to gain a quick resolution within this three month timeframe it will be immediately pushed into litigation with all associated costs covered. 

Our Crusader programme can now take on commercial disputes and insurance claims cases going back three years, enabling businesses to start to recover monies that were previously written off; providing an unexpected cash flow injection.  
The Crusader team is already working on a number of cases, including one involving a business that was forced to cease trading two years ago because of an unresolved dispute.  The administrator is now re-visiting the case to see if additional funds can be returned to creditors, breaking new ground and potentially opening up a new channel through which insolvency practitioners can recover funds.
Speaking of the launch of Crusader Roger Flaxman said “Many of our UK businesses can't afford to pursue either insurance coverage disputes or commercial disputes because of the upfront costs, long delays and considerable uncertainty of outcome - Crusader now makes it both possible and affordable.  Flaxmans Crusader tales control of the problem for you and your client.
 “Flaxmans have been successfully resolving insurance claims disputes for nearly twenty years . This is the first time that it has been possible to bring together the three key professional skills of dispute resolution. Insurance know-how, accountancy skills and experienced lawyers all supported by ATE insurers that recognise the effectiveness of the Flaxmans Crusader approach to commercial settlement of disputes - in half the time and less than half the cost of traditional litigation."

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If you have a client’s rejected claim sitting on your desk, or you know of a client who is facing a potential bad debt or commercial dispute call today and find out how the new Crusader from Flaxmans can help 0203 544 4712

Who have we helped, so far, this year?

In the first quarter of 2017:

  • Saved two fully insured neighbouring families from losing their homes, forever.
  • Successfully challenged an FOS determination on cause of a loss.
  • Prevented a firm of brokers from being held liable for the failure of a defective underwriting process.

In another case we achieved a settlement for our clients considerably above their Sum Insured.
We overcame overwhelming odds against the broker by recognising a failure in market practice procedure by a third party.
Our expert intervention often gets results more quickly than the traditional legal process. That is because we employ the expertise of consultants who know their way around insurance policies and market practices to focus straight in on the key issues. From there we can address the “differences” with insurers and close the gap in the dispute.


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