Media - Roger Flaxman joins CEDR commercial mediation service panel as insurance specialist

Roger Flaxman joins CEDR commercial mediation service panel as insurance specialist

Insurance Claims Advocate Roger Flaxman has been appointed as a panel member at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution’s (CEDR) commercial mediation service - CEDR Solve.

Roger will be one of 18 insurance specialists on the 120-strong panel of mediators and dispute resolution professionals recommended by Europe’s largest independent commercial mediation provider.

His appointment is in recognition of the increasing need for mediation to resolve commercial insurance disputes.

CEDR Director Gregory Hunt says: “Out of 600 plus disputes managed by the CEDR panel last year, around 12% directly concern insurance but in reality that figure is much greater because insurance very often forms a crucial part of the negotiation in all kinds of commercial disputes. This is why we are particularly pleased to welcome Roger, a mediator with such strong insurance credentials, on to the CEDR Solve mediator panel.”

The appetite for mediation in the UK is growing following calls by both the Government and Judiciary to use Mediation. It is a means by which the parties can keep control of their dispute and the outcome and potentially avoid the cost, time and uncertainty in outcome of a court hearing. Last month an EU Directive on mediation for Cross-Border Disputes came into force, further endorsing it as a preferred alternative to litigation.

What makes CEDR Solve’s mediation panel unique in the UK market is its mix of legal and industry specialists who can offer a broader pool of experienced mediation expertise to clients.

Roger Flaxman said: “Litigation through the courts is notoriously expensive, time consuming, stressful and, worst of all, uncertain in its outcome. However if both parties are open to using mediation, it is a powerful and effective way of resolving a dispute whilst at the same time keeping control of the arguments, the outcome, your personal reputation and continuing business interests.”

The appointment follows BIBA’s announcement in May to appoint Roger as its PI claims mediation specialist.

Mediation, which is only legally binding if all sides come to a formal agreement, unlike Arbitration and Litigation, has a number of advantages over litigation and arbitration processes:

  • Successful - over 70 per cent of cases referred to CEDR Solve settle.
  • Quick - most mediations are arranged within a few weeks (and can be arranged even more quickly) and the formal mediation session usually lasts for one or two days only.
  • Cost effective - compared with litigation and arbitration processes, mediation is a significantly less expensive route to resolving disputes.
  • Gives parties control over the process and the outcome.
  • Mediation can run alongside litigation or arbitration or you may prefer to put the litigation or arbitration process 'on hold' while you mediate.
  • Mediation can maintain business relationships far more effectively than adversarial processes.
  • A wide variety of settlement options can be achieved in mediation over and above monetary settlements.
  • Informal and flexible - the process is designed to suit clients' needs.

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