Media - FLAXMANS appointed by BIBA to provide exclusive Claims Advocacy Service

Flaxmans is highly regarded and recognised throughout the industry our level of service and expertise is reflected in our considerable success rate for resolving complex claims and insurance disputes, more often than not avoiding the unnecessary complication of the cost and time of litigation.
Steve Foulsham, BIBA’s Head of Technical Services said “Problems with insurance claims can occur at any time for Brokers, the key is how they handle a dispute or rejected claim at the outset as it can often have a direct influence on the outcome. This is why we advise members to seek expert advice as early as possible and we are therefore delighted in appointing Flaxmans to provide this unique and high quality service to our members”.
More and more disputed and difficult claims are coming to our notice, and what we see only emphasises how important it is to speak with one of our team of experts as soon as a claim comes off, or even looks like it is coming off the rails. With more than 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and over a decade of providing expert witness in matters of insurance practice, duty of care and insurance market procedure Flaxmans gets Straight to the Heart of the matter, very often resolving issues that to come look beyond redemption.


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