Media - A Triple helping of Flaxman!!

Flaxman is not a new name to the insurance industry and so the opening of our new offices in 34 Lime Street EC3 presented a great opportunity of getting Flaxman (very) senior to join his sons (Senior and Junior senior) for a welcome drink in the shadows of his old hunting ground of Lloyd’s.

Charles Flaxman, (1926 - ) father of Roger and Jerry, started his insurance career way back in 1942 with Hogg Robinson & Caple Cure; (a name, amongst others, hereafter, probably only familiar to our “oak-aged” readers) as a broker. After joining the army in 1944 and serving as a Captain in the Royal Fusiliers and then in India during “the Partition” he returned to Hogg Robinson in summer 1947 before moving to Matthews Wrightson later the same year. In 1958 Charles joined J H Minet and three years later, in 1961, was invited to become the senior deputy underwriter to Frank Barber of syndicate 991(Denham) at Lloyd’s, and latterly, underwriter of the syndicate from 1981-86.

He played a leading part in introducing the availability of professional indemnity insurance to “miscellaneous” classes of advisory “professionals” following the leading decision of Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd [1964] AC 465. The House of Lords had chosen in this case, to approve the dissenting judgment of Denning LJ in Candler v Crane, Christmas & Co [1951] 2 KB 164 and so for the first time in legal history had created the concept of a duty of care arising from negligent misstatement from which a pure economic loss would flow and give rise to a claim in damages. This created a significant risk for the flourishing number of “consultants and advisers” that the 1970s spawned due to prevailing economic conditions, and so professional indemnity and E&O risks became a new and very important part of the insurance market. Charles Flaxman led the way to potential policyholders having a “coffee in the Captains Room at Lloyd’s with the introducing broker” so that he could gauge the “risk” presented by this new, innovative and unknown class of advisory entrepreneurs needing to be insured against the ravages of professional negligence.

Charles also led the way, with Bruce Grey of syndicate 210 (AWG Smith) at Lloyd’s for the underwriting of the first Law Society mandatory insurance programme, brokered jointly by J H Minet and CT Bowring, in 1974. Following retirement in 1987 Charles became a director of the Law Society Insurance Fund (SIF) for five years, following which he was much in demand as an expert to the courts in matters of insurance market practice until well into the late 90s.

Roger followed in dad’s footstep’s at Lloyd’s becoming a specialist PI broker with CT Bowring in 1978 following a spell starting in 1969 at Leslie & Godwin in general property and casualty insurance, worldwide, and 1974 at Lowndes Lambert specialising in high risk liability, products, CAR and all up and coming classes of PI & D&O insurance. He set up Flaxmans in 2000 to provide a troubleshooting advisory service to the RICS and other organisations wanting the dedicated service of an insurance professional not engaged in selling the product.

Jerry, after an early career as an engineer in light aircraft and marine craft joined Willis Faber & Dumas as an aviation clams broker in 1981 and progressed to become Claims Director by the mid-eighties and in that role was responsible for the broking and settlement strategies of many major aviation losses including the unprecedented losses, in both scale and complexity, arising from the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990. In 1993 he was appointed as Managing Director of Willis Inspace the specialist division catering for the rapidly growing commercial space activities. 

Leaving Willis in 1999, Jerry started his own consultancy in the aviation sector called Aerospace Answers Ltd. This enterprise proved successful until 9/11 when the aviation world almost collapsed and Jerry was invited to join Holman Fenwick and Willan to develop their Aviation portfolio. In 2006 Jerry joined one of the largest market leaders, Allianz Marine & Aviation as Senior Claims Manager for their London Operation. In 2006 Jerry was then approached with others at Allianz to establish a new Lloyd’s Aviation Syndicate for QBE.  This enterprise developed well until 2012 when QBE strategy shifted and Jerry left to b


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