Are you struggling to find professional or business insurance cover following a loss or claim?

Insurers will often refuse to insure a business or professional firm that has cost it a loss or claim. However unreasonable that seems, it is a fact of life in insurance.

Finding new insurers can be difficult and there is a danger in spreading your search too widely and involving too many brokers.

The insurance market is small and businesses that flood the market with enquiries get noticed but not for the right reasons. This can result in “lock out” and you may be declined out of hand because insurers are suspicious of what may be going on.

If you are struggling, talk to us and we will advise you how to go about it.

We help companies to manage their risk to help reduce policy costs

Managing risk can help, after a loss or claim. However it must be real, focused and permanent.

We can help you understand what will influence an insurer with our risk awareness methodology and advise on how to present your business to encourage insurers to want to insure you.

Roger is a very astute businessman with a comprehensive knowledge of the insurance market, and has an obvious passion to develop innovative solutions for his clients.

John Gollaglee, DLA Piper

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