Flaxman Partners' 7 steps to resolution

       1. Seek relevant information, background and facts to support your case.    2. Identify misunderstandings between the insurer, their lawyer and you; these can distort and frustrate the negotiation process.    3. Assist you in understanding the jargon and the procedures that constrain the complex legal and claims process, and advise you accordingly.    4. Provide you with technical information and experienced counter-arguments and insights to enhance your position.    5. Advance and conduct negotiations on your behalf.    6. Advise you of your alternatives and what is in your best interest.    7. Avoid adversarial litigation in favour of alternative resolution methods.


    Roger is a very astute businessman with a comprehensive knowledge of the insurance market, and has an obvious passion to develop innovative solutions for his clients.

    John Gollaglee, DLA Piper

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