21 February 2013

Knowledge is Power...

Which of these news stories attracted your attention:

  • 6.5m LinkedIn passwords stolen by hackers?
  • Millions of people suffering the knock-on effects of a software upgrade that froze RBS/NatWest systems, stopping payments in and out of personal and business accounts?
  • 77 million PlayStation network and Qriocity user names, email addresses, phone numbers and – reportedly – credit card details being maliciously breached from the Sony Corporation?
  • TJX Companies discovering its unsecured wireless network had been hacked by someone with a laptop and antenna to gain over 45.5 million credit and debit card numbers and the personal data of 451,000 shoppers who had returned goods?
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10 December 2012

Revenue Growth – the Myth and the Temptation

What to know before you grow

As every broker's management team knows the costs of running the business never seem to go down. Consequently brokers all over the country are putting themselves and their staff under relentless pressure to produce more income. This article addresses some of the unintended consequences of the drive for income and gives two recent examples of disastrous outcomes.

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18 October 2012 

Please can I just say sorry?

The BBC Director General is the just the latest in a long line of high profile apologisers this year. Saying sorry is something that all businesses have to do and yet many are reluctant to do it, especially if it results in a claim on their insurance. Yet an apology can be made without recourse as our article illustrates.
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18 October 2012 

‘Noting of interest’- implications for commercial mortgage borrowers

A long-standing procedure between the British Bankers Association (BBA) and Association of British Insurers (ABI) that was designed to protect banks' interests of all mortgagees of property came to an end in June.

This will prompt a review of existing insurance provisions as this briefing from Marian Boyle and Alistair Abbott from law firm SNR Denton explains.

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29 June 2012, Financial Director

Addressing risk at board level

HOW MUCH TIME, money and effort should an FD put into dealing with the company's risk and its insurances? The answer often depends upon how much support the company's board/senior management gives to its FD.
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18 April 2012, Post

Engine’s Default – broker held liable

Awarding damages of £528,000, exclusive of costs, against a leading insurance broker, a judge in the Royal Courts of Jersey has criticised the automated quote engine sales process as being more in the interests of the broker and the insurer than in the interests of the policyholder. 
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01 February 2012, London Business Matters

Don’t let a “business interruption” bring your company down

A board’s failure to heed experienced advice about the consequence of a “business interruption sent its company into liquidation two years after a serious fire.
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11 October 2011, Financial Director

Oiling the insurance cogs

ONLY A small minority of the UK business population was affected by this summer's riots. However, the
harsh lessons learnt by the unfortunate few will highlight some home truths about treatment of insurance
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8 September 2011, Financial Director

The insurance traps FDs must avoid

INSURANCE IS the bane of many an FD's life. Only too often it fails to attract the time and energy that
it really requires as part of the economic balancing of the company's risk profile.
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14 August 2011, National Council of Voluntary Organisations – Be Engaged magazine   

How to avoid being uninsured by mistake   

As insurance claim disputes between policyholders and insurance companies are on the rise, Roger Flaxman, managing director of Flaxman Partners (who specialise in insurance dispute resolution) outlines some top tips to consider when placing or renewing your insurance programme.
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March 2011, Post magazine

1902 and all that to Mactavish

John Hurrell, Chief executive of AIRMIC says "for well over a year Airmic has been warning of trouble brewing in the commercial insurance market. Mactavish has come out and said it: "Commercial insurance is not fit for purpose".
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March 2011

Abiding by the rules, written in March 2011

In Insurance Age’s March issue under Management - Regulation – Abiding by the Rules, Branko Bjelobaba suggests that “Compliance with requirements can only be achieved through having sensible and easy to understand rules”. Read more

October 2008

What are the implications of the financial crisis for your business

For most of this year insurers and insurance commentators have proclaimed that insurance companies will not be much affected by the world financial and banking crisis. Read more