A Presumption of Criminality

A frequent complaint that reaches our ears is that the policyholder feels that they have been treated without courtesy when they make a claim under their policy. Typically: “We were made to feel we had committed a crime”.

Our investigations into such circumstances usually reveal that the insurer, or its agent, is “checking to ensure that the claim is not fraudulent”. If that process, which is undoubtedly necessary from time to time, makes ordinary, honest policyholders “feel like a criminal” then we are not going to improve the image of our industry.

The industry would be safe in presuming that the vast majority of policyholder claimants are honest. They may be misguided as to how insurance works in practice but that is not a fault of the policyholder.  After all, how much do we in the industry know about the skills and practices of other peoples’ (our customers) trades and professions?

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